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Affordable Rolled up 8

Affordable Rolled up 8" Twin Full Queen Size Bonnell Spring Mattress

Thickness :8"/22cm
Firmness level:Hard
Model No.:HM-BN04

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Product Details

Product Description

Our 8-inch spring mattress is an orthopaedic bonnell sprung mattress that is handmade here by our master craftsmen. 

Covered with deluxe quality knitted fabic and offering a soft knitted sleep surface woven material, surrounding the abundance of fillings, including a deep high density foam layer for comfort and support, cotton and deep white fibre fillings.Using anti-allergy knitted fibre layer, which provides softness and resilience.

Mattress Properties

Mattress Type TopTight top 
Total Height8inch/22cm
Ticking FabricMicro-fiber Quilted Knitting Cover
Plush Comfort LayerHigh density foam for extra comfort support
Support System LayerBonnell sprung at 18cm height,2.25mm wire gauge
PackingVacuum Compress+Rolled up
The Structure Can Be Customized!

Mattress Features


10 Years Warranty

Our mattress is built to last. We back it up with an honest, 10-year limited warranty.


Fire retardant: CFR1633/ BS7177

Integrated quality management system to ensure the quality of our products.


CertiPUR-US certified eco-friendly foam

 The CertiPUR-US certification means this mattress is safe for use & does not include: prohibited phthalates, ozone depletes, CFCs, mercury, formaldehyde, PBDEs, high VOCs, synthetic or natural latex. Furthermore, it is also hypoallergenic & helps keep other allergens from becoming an issue.


Oeko-tex standard 100 certified

It is Oeko-tex Standard 100 compliance product, it meets

the regulations on harmful substances under the European

REACH (incl the use of azo-dyes nickel, etc.) legislation

as well as the American requirement regarding total content

of lead in children's articles( CPSIA)

Data just for reference,if want to know your customized size please contact sales.
Single (90 x 190 cm) 
Double (135 x 190 cm) 
Queen (150 x 200 cm)
King (180 x 200 cm) 
cal king
72" x 84"
54" x 75"
full xl
54" x 80"
76 "x 80"
60" x 80"
39" x 75"
twin xl
39" x 80"

Crafted From Finest Materials

We use the premium materials to produce the quality mattress.


Supreme Memory Foam

Provides pain-free and restful sleep. It eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points on the body enhancing your comfort.


Fine Steel Reinforcement Spring


image.pngLuxurious Fabric  

Elegant modal yarn finished with an exclusive phase-change material designed to help your body maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

 Ultimate comfort rating 

PlushMedium firmFirm




Designed for contouring and plushness without that "quicksand" feelingDesigned to offer the perfect balance of support and plush-comfortDesigned to provide firm, comfortable support, with minimal sink-in

Recommended for:

Side and back sleepers

Recommended for:

Any sleep position

Recommended for:

Back and stomach sleepers

Try a plush mattress for a nicely soft feel without all the fluff. 

Featuring enhanced cushioning layers, plush mattresses boast enough underlying support to keep you from being engulfed in softness.

The medium firm mattress is a universal model found in most hotels,featuring even levels of body contouring and push-back, or hug,without feeling too soft or too hard. Those with back pain generally sleep better on medium firm beds, and side sleepers often prefer medium firmness to help with spine alignment and to provide adequate cushioning that can prevent their shoulders and hips from feeling over pressure.

Even sleepers who love firm support might appreciate a little “give” to relieve some pressure. 

Very supportive with just a little cushion, a firm mattress is a great choice if support is your main priority.

Learning center-Three main types of mattresses

Pillow  top ,Euro top &Tight top 


Knowing which mattress to buy can be difficult if you’ve never slept on different types. But when you’re deciding which mattress to buy, it’s important to understand the differences between tight top, pillow top & euro top mattresses. The hardness of a mattress is a measure of the foam’s ability to support a load. This is a measure of how well the foam will work in a given situation, as well as its initial feel – not a measure of the quality. If a foam is too soft, it will bottom out; if it is too firm it will be uncomfortable.

So how do you know which is right for you? The first step is understanding the difference.

1.Pillow  top 
Pillow top mattress are exactly what they sound like: a mattress with a pillow-like layer on top.This layer will be separate but attached to the mattress,which will create a mattress that feels more plush and cushioned than your traditional mattresses.
2.Euro top 

A euro top mattress has the same plush and cushioned feel like a pillow top. Rather than being a separate

pillow cushioning on the top, though, the euro top has that same cushioning as part of the actual mattress. 

The top padding lines up with the edges of the mattress.

In some respects, this cushioning is little different from a pillow top. But for some people, this difference is a big change, due to the way the mattress feels at the edges. Some people feel this is a “softer” version of the pillow top.

3.Tight top 

A tight top mattress does not have any special padding on the top of the mattress.    

That doesn’t mean tight top mattress aren’t soft or comfortable, but instead indicates the top of the 

mattress is “tight” and does not have plushy cushioning. This is also known as a “firm” mattress.

Tight tops will be firmer than pillow-tops but that does not mean they will not feel soft to the touch.

In fact, tight tops come in the firm or plush comfort levels.

Which Mattress is Right for You?

It is very important to ensure the mattress you choose is the mattress that is right for you.  

If you’re not sure what you need or want, let one of our specialists help you decide what would be the best option for you.

A great night sleep is the first step to a great day. Come in and let us help you transform your sleep.

Benefits of purchasing bonnell spring mattresses


By providing you firm support and complete comfort,the bonnell spring mattresses will emerge as the best bedding products. If anything can match up to your comfort levels, then this is it.  

Some of the exclusive benefits offered by these mattresses include:

• Firm support for the entire body

• Relief from severe back pain

• Highly durable

• Capable of providing optimum comfort

• With such unique advantages, the bonnell spring mattresses are inevitably one of the best investments of your life.

Care Instructions

Spot clean mattress cover by hand only

Use mild detergent

Blot excess moisture with clean towel

Dry thoroughly at room temperature away from heat or light

Do not machine wash or dry

Note: For washable convenience and waterproof protection, we recommend a mattress protector.

Works With Any Base

There are really three requirements for a good bed base: it has to 1) be supportive, 2) stay clean, and 3) provide comfort. 

Here are the bed base categories that meet those requirements. 


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