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What Kind Of Mattresses Are Suitable For People of Different Ages?

Nov. 27, 2018Share

There are many kinds of mattresses on the market, which are naturally related to the age of the human body and the weight and weight. It is not that expensive mattresses are suitable for everyone, nor are mattresses suitable for others. Next is the Pocket Spring Mattress Supplier finishing a more detailed analysis of the mattress material, mainly in terms of human age, mattress function and mattress use.

Infant period

Infants and young children generally refer to this period of time from birth to three years old. This short golden time is the fastest period for infants to grow up. The metabolism is fast, especially the comfort and support of the mattress. The breathability is also very good. important.

(0-8 months) Baby mattresses are preferred latex mattresses. Latex mattresses are environmentally friendly, natural and non-irritating to baby skin.

(9 months - 1 year and a half) The baby's weight and body size increase more quickly, this time choose latex + brown baby mattress, plus brown latex mattress, perfect support for the baby's body, comfort is also guaranteed.

(2 years old or older) At this time, you should choose a coir mattress, which is good in ventilation and heat dissipation, safe and environmentally friendly, and has both soft and hard. It has good effect on supporting the back gravity and correcting the spine.

2. Childhood

Children's mattresses look the same as adults' mattresses, but there is actually a big difference. Children's mattresses have higher requirements on the softness and support of the mattress. Children's mattresses are mainly brown mattresses, but also spring + brown brown spring mattresses. The brown mattress is both soft and hard, has good air permeability and hygroscopicity, and has a good effect on correcting the spine.

3. Adult stage

Adults are suitable for mattresses made of different mattress materials, Anti Mold Spring Mattress, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, etc. Among them, spring mattresses are mostly used, and independent spring mattresses can provide good support for the human body, but heavy weight friends can choose honeycomb-type independent spring mattresses; consumers who pursue mattress comfort choose latex + sponges. + Spring soft mattress, consumers with a bad waist can choose a brown spring combined with a mattress. Consumers who are prone to insomnia can purchase latex + memory foam + spring mattresses to help relax body pressure and promote rapid sleep.

4. Old age

Once a person is old, the quality of sleep drops sharply. It is easy for an elderly person to wake up in the middle of the night to wake up, so the hardness of the mattress is higher. It is recommended to combine the green and environmentally friendly brown mattress with the jade mattress. The brown mattress has a hard texture and has a good effect on preventing osteoporosis. The body is not easy to sink and easy to turn over; the jade mattress can be used in winter and summer. The released far infrared can promote the body's microcirculation, relax the body pressure, and quickly enter the sleep state.

Anti Mold Spring Mattress

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