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Construction And Composition Of The Spring Mattress

Jan. 29, 2019Share

The spring mattress is a modern and popular mattress. The main structure is: bed net (spring) + filler + fabric.

1. Filler: It is mainly added to make the Custom Pocket Spring Mattress more comfortable and durable. The spring mattress has a variety of mats, sponges, knitted cotton, etc., and some plus a few cm of latex. 

2. Bed net layer. It is the heart of the whole mattress. A good bed net determines the quality of the mattress. The quality of a bed net is determined by factors such as the coverage of the spring, the texture of the steel, the core diameter and the diameter of the spring. There are several types of spring bed nets on the market: free-standing springs, connected springs, and one-line steel springs. Among them, the free-standing spring is better. People can lie on the top and turn no noise. They can withstand the strength of all parts of the body. The neck and waist of the body are attached to the mattress, and the blood will not circulate or even cause excessive pressure. The body is numb.

3. Fabric layer, many Anti Mold spring Mattressare mainly made of pure cotton, and some use 3D breathable fabric and fireproof fabric. The high quality mattress surface fabric has anti-mite treatment during the production process, which can kill and suppress. The growth of aphids, the role of breathable moisture, a certain fire prevention.

Anti Mold spring Mattress

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