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The mattress manufacturer reminds you to change your mattress(part 1)

Apr. 20, 2019Share

If the sleeping time of a day presses 8 hours of business accounting, so our lifetime can have 1/3 time to spend on the bed! When sleeping, mattess not only contact directly with human body, and also bear all weight of the body, so mattess is the key of healthy sleep.

Do you know when to change a palm mattress? Relevant authority points out: mattess use deadline is 10 years, but mattess is things of long time, advocate best 5-7 years replace. Bedroom Mattress Manufacturer shars that mattress should change actually, the body appreciates to inform you, if your body announces the following signal to mean you should change mattess!

1. Get up in the morning with a sore back

If you are after sleeping through one night, get up in the morning the body still feels unwell, often have the symptom such as lumbar acid backache, whole body lack of power, should check the mattress that you sleep well now. A suitable mattress for you can relax your body and mind and recover your physical strength quickly. Conversely, an inappropriate mattress will affect your health through osmosis.

2. Sleep is getting shorter

If you wake up earlier in the morning than you used to, for example, now than you did a year ago, it illustrates that your mattress presents a serious problem. Mattess USES a moment to exceed long to be able to drop comfortable measure, internal structure is out of shape, cannot support your body correctly, austere even can cause lumbar intervertebral disc to herniate, lumbar flesh strain wait for vertebral disease.

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