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The mattress manufacturer reminds you to change your mattress(part 2)

Apr. 23, 2019Share

3. Lying in bed for a long time unable to sleep

Bonnell Coil Full Mattress Exporter shares that a lot of people complain, do not know what reason is, lie in bed in the evening always turn over turn hard to fall asleep, such direct impact on the next day's normal work and day, so, how to fall asleep at night difficult to do? In fact, a good mattress can help you improve sleep, sleep above like floating in the clouds, let the blood circulation of the whole body smooth, turn times cut, easy to sleep.

4. Sleep late at night and wake up easily

If in the evening 2 or 3 o 'clock always wake up naturally, fall asleep again after awoken is slower, and have a dream all the time, sleep quality is quite poor, sleep all the time owe good very headache, saw a lot of doctor to be not solved, that can inform you only: it is cent changes mattess. A good mattress is a great way to get more out of your sleep with less than eight hours a day.

5. Involuntary itching of the skin

If you are troubled by ineffable small yellow bubble, red swollen, SAO urticant, autumn hives, that is the value that pays for incomplete times mattress for low price likely very much. Defective mattresses are usually not treated with mites, which can cause itchy skin, acne, acne, allergic dermatitis, acute and chronic urticaria and other skin diseases.

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