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Mattress manufacturer shares mattress health knowledge

Jun. 03, 2019Share

Mattress manufacturer shares mattress health knowledge

Spring Mattress manufacturer statistic one third of life is spent in sleeping, measure people whether to have "healthy sleep" 4 big mark are: sleep is abundant, moment sufficient, quality is good, efficiency is high. Sleep is simple, does not stop, sleep deeply comfortable, wake up tired, all related to the quality of the mattress.

A group of data show, average person sleeps in the evening turn over about 40~60 times, and the fluctuation that has a few turn over among them can be particularly big, if the width of mattess is not line with perhaps soft hard degree does not accord with human body to learn technology, produce very simply in sleeping "soft" injury.

Next, introduce several popular mattresses on the market:

The No1 tension mattress is the most popular mattress on the market, and its structure mainly includes tension mattress, felt mattress, palm mattress, foam layer and bed table textile fabric. In the mattress family, the history of tension mattress is the longest, the most sophisticated manufacturing technology. It also has good elasticity and impact resistance.

Advantages: insect-proof mildew + uniform load bearing tension spring mattress is the biggest advantage, the use of independent tension drum may be independent bag, through a certain process, can be useful to prevent mold or moth, and prevent tension due to conflict and sway, announce noise. And according to the principle of human body engineering planning three-stage type partition independent tension spring planning, can use the uniform support of each part of the body, maintain the spine natural straight, brown mattress manufacturers make the muscle get plenty of relaxation, and then reduce the number of people turning over when sleeping, more simple to achieve deep sleep.

Spring Mattress manufacturer

Defects: it is easy to make neck and shoulder stiff and waist ache + glue and material pollution in order to ensure the quality of tension springs, when selecting materials, the steel wire inside the tension springs has rustproof chemical substances. A tension bed with interlocking tension springs may result in tension of the cervical spine and lumbar muscles, resulting in stiff neck and shoulder and sore waist. In order to fix the inner layer of cushion material, the mattress arranged with independent tension springs needs to use a lot of strong glue, and the material of the core layer, up to three layers, is also a place to hide dirt and dirt.

Bonnell Spring Mattress Factory suggests the purchase of frame mattress time, to check the thickness of frame mattress is enough, the industry rules shall not be less than 60cm; Pay attention to the mattress and four corners are flat in the same level; After using the hand to press back in time, should not appear there is tension conflict. Can investigate the interior of the mattress for rust. The elastic demand of mattess tries sleep personally, generally speaking soft hard moderate is best to vertebra. In the purchase of tension mattress time, too long may be too short mattress is not conducive to personal sleep stretch, the most suitable measurement method is the individual height plus 20 cm.

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