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[Spring mattress for sale]Four types of mattress

May. 24, 2019Share

Four types of mattress shared by Spring Mattress supplier China.

1, latex pad: anti-mite, anti-bacteria, not easy to deformation, insufficient air permeability, easy to cause latex allergy. Suitable for people who like turning over, no noise, no vibration. Suggest to choose pure natural material.

2, spring pad: good air permeability and impact resistance, hardness is optional. If the spring is less elastic, the muscles of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae will be tense. European mattress stylist rolls out newly "body curve bed", support shoulder, waist, hip and leg ministry better through adjusting spring. Independent bag spring does not affect the sleep of pillow person.

3, water mattress: it can fully release the pressure of the spine, muscles, microvessels and nervous system. Have a requirement to bedstead, pay attention to when using much, the price is expensive. Have insomnia, cervical vertebra, lumbar stranded person. Choose natural rubber body, no pollution.

4, brown mattress: natural materials, warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable. Use time too long can be out of shape, breed mite bug. For most people. Choose glue-free brown mattress for better health.

That's all for the sharing,and we supply Bonnell Spring Mattress for sale, if you have any demand for our products,just feel free to contact us.

Spring Mattress supplier China

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