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Mattress's consumer strategy by Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer

Apr. 15, 2019Share

Mattress's consumer strategy by Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer

Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer shares that domestic mattress shopping malls are the world's largest mattress consumer shopping malls, planning a considerable growth rate. In 2016, China's mattress consumption was about 54.1 billion yuan, surpassing the United States to become the world's largest mattress shopping mall. Now, our country mattess works to still exist penetration rate is low (less than 50%), replace cycle is long (even replace cycle nearly 10 years, compare American 3-5 years replace cycle far), consumption unit price is low one class problem.

Analysis of all mattress work, domestic mattress work has been booming trend, according to the statistics of China commercial industry research institute, in 2016, China's mattress market planning for 44.3 billion yuan, flat year-on-year, and mattress production increased by 11%, adhere to a high value-added rate. But now work concentration is still low, short of the mattress leading enterprises. Now our country Certified Spring Mattress enterprise has 1000 or so, and annual production capacity is in the professional mattess manufacturer of 200 thousand above to be only 20 or so, appear "big job, small company" characteristic. Accordingly, work of our country mattess still has bigger spread out a space, need seeks brand and quality actively two break.

1, the level of demand for continuous progress, the stronger technical strength of the enterprise will welcome the key

Domestic customer preferences demand constant change, technology promotion is increasingly important. The customer selects to add, has the technical superiority and the differentiation product enterprise superiority will gradually flash. The mattess sort on market increases ceaselessly, the product concept such as adjustable bedstead, independent bag spring is known by the customer gradually. In 2016, 17 percent more customers picked independent bag-spring mattresses than in 2013. Through technology promotion, on the one hand, enterprises can keep up with consumer trends, to avoid rapid changes in the market out; On the other hand, products with innovative characteristics are easier to adhere to the position of the market through differentiated product advantages.

                                     Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer

2, brand effect initial flash, brand create more crucial

Quality and brand have become the main factors for Chinese customers to choose mattresses, among which brand factor accounts for 16%. The brand effect of domestic mattess course of study appears gradually, the classic brand such as xi mengsi, shu da spreads out a process to look, the enterprise that can establish outstanding brand image wins market space more probably above all, obtain bigger profit space through brand premium.

3, consumption promotion under the tuyere, still need the way to the king

Now the way to sell across the country's mattress enterprises are few, many brands are only in part of the province has the advantage, so in the mattress shopping mall brand effect has not fully flashed seize the opportunity, the rapid layout will be conducive to the improvement of the proportion of enterprise shopping malls.

With regard to mattresses, more users are not satisfied with the useful needs of a brief, they seek quality and cost-effective high-end tuning. Especially with the mattess work competition promotion, mattess is no longer a brief home things, he is related to the user's healthy days and comfortable sleep quality. Below, this paper on the mattress work analysis report, revealed the trend of imported mattress.

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