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The Mattress Is Related To Your Sleep Health

Dec. 18, 2018Share

Mattresses affect sleep health, and today has become an indisputable fact. Many friends with more serious insomnia blame the problem of insomnia on the problem of heavy life pressure and heavy work tasks. They often use sleeping pills as a 'close friend' of sleep, and ultimately endanger their own health. Pocket Spring Mattress Factory today elaborated on the question of how to choose a healthy mattress to improve sleep quality, and provided some practical suggestions for everyone.

Choose a mattress, you can choose according to the specific circumstances of each person, such as weight, height, fat and thin, personal living habits, preferences, etc. When purchasing a mattress, it should be considered according to its own economic conditions and other comprehensive factors. The best choice of mattress should start with the function of the mattress. The function of the mattress is to ensure that the consumer gets a healthy and comfortable sleep.

The mattress that has the most contact in life is a Custom Pocket Spring Mattress. The spring mattress has good air permeability, strong support and stability, so the mattress spring should have a strong back in addition to the necessary hardness to support the function. elasticity. The independent pocket spring just meets the above requirements, and has better support for the human body. It can also fit the human body curve well and protect the back ridge; the spring has good mute effect, especially suitable for friends with poor sleep quality.

The contact area of the latex mattress is much higher than that of the ordinary mattress. It can disperse the weight of the human body evenly. It has the function of correcting the bad sleeping position and has the effect of sterilization. The other characteristic is no noise, no vibration. , effectively improve the quality of sleep.

Memory cotton, slow rebound memory cotton is used in the mattress industry. The unique characteristics of memory cotton are sensitive to temperature. It can effectively fit the human body curve, zero elasticity, no pressure on the human body, better relaxation. Human body pressure promotes deep sleep.

Custom Pocket Spring Mattress

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