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Inferior Mattresses Are More Harmful

Feb. 21, 2019Share

One third of our lives are spent in sleep, so it is no exaggeration to say that mattresses are the furniture that most accompany us. But now many people buy some inferior mattresses because they are cheap, which leads to many harms.

In fact, the use of a brand-name mattress, in addition to the easy breeding of bugs, has the following hazards:

1, dust mites can cause asthma, allergies, eczema

Studies have confirmed that dust mites are closely related to allergic diseases. The common manifestations are mainly asthma and allergic rhinitis, which is extremely detrimental to the healthy development of children's respiratory tract.

2, the brand-name mattress spring is inferior and easy to deform

The quality of a brand-name mattress is generally not good. The spring is easily deformed, bent, and sunken, which makes the spine of the person bend. Sleeping for a long time will affect the blood circulation. This is the reason why sleeping can cause numbness. In the long run, people are prone to fatigue. Ill, even oppress the nerves.

3, inferior mattresses with black cotton

It turns out that many brand-name mattresses now use black heart cotton, and the production of black heart cotton is untestable. There are a lot of chemicals. Direct contact with the human body can cause symptoms such as itching, difficulty in breathing, and possibly a carrier of a large number of bacterial viruses. It is easy to induce various infectious diseases.

4, inferior mat mat formaldehyde exceeds the standard

Some brand-name mattresses also like to use inferior mats, and the inferior mats will use a lot of glue in the process of making them. Excessive formaldehyde will cause red eyes, throat pain, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis and other diseases, and even cancer.

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