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What causes insomnia?

Jul. 15, 2019Share

What reason is insomnia caused? Shared by Sleep mattress supplier.

Insomnia is very harmful to people, not only make the skin become no luster, and will make people become thin, but also make people endocrine disorder, so we should pay attention to insomnia, so insomnia is because of what reason?

1. Insomnia caused by habitual staying up late.

2 habitual worry about family to keep the mood of the depressed mood, as time goes by so that they become depressed, the spirit also followed by sadness, cranky or always worry, the mind always maintain a tight state, can not enter the dream sweet, as time goes by has become inertia, insomnia state also produced.

3. Give yourself too much pressure, when they can't reach the target, they can't control the mood of the inferiority, lose faith in yourself, in a bad mood, mind also follow sad, whenever the thought of how he so failure, mind can not calm down to sleep, over time, insomnia, creating, so, don't be too high to own request, more don't put pressure on myself, want to choose according to their own strength.

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4. The causes of insomnia are that they eat too much when getting ready for bed, drink too much water, or eat acidic food or fruit, especially lemon juice can not drink, drinking acidic fruit at night will make the brain excited, full of spirit can not sleep, insomnia unknowingly come.

5. The cause of insomnia is that the blood in your body is not circulating, so that the blood supply to the brain can not come up, even if you are very sleepy, the brain can not cooperate with your wishes, insomnia is caused.

6 causes of insomnia and often lie down to sleep when often thinking about the problem or endorsement, make the mind have the habit of remembering things, as time goes by, make yourself difficult to enter the sweet dream, insomnia is generated from this.

7. Other causes of insomnia include thinking about exciting things or chatting with friends for too long while lying in bed.

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