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The "smart bedding" market is hot

Aug. 10, 2019Share

The "smart bedding" market is hot shared by Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer.

South Korean media say Chinese people are increasingly paying attention to the quality of sleep.

According to a report on the website of joongang ilbo on March 14, many modern people in many countries, including China, suffer from busy work. More and more people are unable to sleep properly due to stress, excessive use of smartphones, etc. Not only is sleep time decreasing, but the number of people who are unable to get deep sleep after falling asleep is also increasing.

This has led to a growing global interest in healthy sleep and a growing market for it, leading to the emergence of the term sleep economics, a portmanteau of the words sleep and economics. The sleep market in the us and Japan is worth 20 trillion won, and the more developed countries pay more attention to the "sleep industry".

Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer

Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer

The report says the same trend is happening in China. China memory foam mattress Factory shares that with economic development and environmental pollution increasing, people are expected to pay increasing attention to quality sleep.

Chinese people no longer value the simple function of keeping warm, but a clean and healthy sleep. In particular, with the increase of particulate matter and other pollution, more and more people are pursuing "smart bedding".

With the development of home textile industry, China's bedding market increased from 54.15 billion yuan in 2009 to 99.4 billion yuan in 2014. China's bedding market is expected to grow by 7% annually from now on, with total sales reaching 142 billion yuan by 2019.

In China, bedding industries such as guangdong, zhejiang and jiangsu, which are located in the south coast, are relatively developed. Seven of the top ten bedding enterprises in China are located in guangdong, zhejiang and jiangsu provinces. China has more than 10,000 bedding manufacturers and more than 1,000 bedding brands in major cities, but only 38 well-known trademarks have been approved by the state administration for industry and commerce.

The most important point of bedding such as the Bonnell Spring Foam Mattress, it should be soft touch, comfortable air permeability, waterproof and windproof function. Nowadays, the requirement to its function is further refined, begin to pay attention to prevent bacterium to breed, fight bacterium, isolate electromagnetic wave and ultraviolet ray, prevent static electricity to wait. Additional, consider bedding to contact the body directly even, use time after buying longer characteristic.

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