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How To Avoid Buying Inferior Latex Pillow?

Mar. 07, 2019Share

The benefits and value of natural Latex Pillows have gradually been recognized and accepted by more and more consumers. There are many brands of latex pillows, and the quality of the products varies. In this case, consumers must have certain expertise to be able to judge the true or false latex pillows and avoid being deceived. Here Pocket Spring Mattress Supplier will introduce a few tips for judging the true and false nature of natural latex pillows.

1. Price: Natural latex materials are very rare. The price on the market is about 10,000~12,000 USD/ton. Take 1000g of a pillow as an example. If it is made of natural latex material, the material price is between 60~70 yuan. With other costs, the ex-factory price of natural latex pillows should be between 150 and 200 yuan.

2. Elasticity: The latex pillow of natural material is very soft and very elastic. Press it by hand and let it rebound at a very fast speed after releasing the hand.

3, feel: the surface of the natural latex pillow is not very smooth, touch it will have a feeling of touching the baby's skin.

4, smell: the smell of natural latex pillow smells a light bean fragrance, in fact, the smell of rubber itself.

5, fire: natural latex materials with fire points, is very flammable, burning thick black smoke, and has a pungent smell, if you do not have this feature, it must not be real latex.

Latex Pillows

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