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Take you to know latex pillow and memory cotton pillow

Jul. 22, 2019Share

Memory Foam Mattress Manufacturer take you to know latex pillow and Memory Foam Pillow.

Humans sleep for nearly a third of their lives, and pillows accompany us for nearly a third of our lives. An ideal pillow can make tired people in sleep, make tired neck muscle, ligament get enough rest. For the recent rise of memory pillow and latex pillow, which is more suitable for you?

Memory pillow: also known as slow rebound sponge pillow, memory sponge pillow, space pillow, its chemical composition is polyurethane, belongs to the non-natural material. Memory pillow contains temperature memory particle, temperature induction occurs when contacting with human body, can form the concave and convex surface that accords with bodily form completely.

Latex pillow: latex is a kind of milky white liquid that flows out from tropical rubber trees after cutting. It is further pressed and molded by low-temperature emulsification and vacuum foaming. No chemical agents are added in the production process. Latex is soft and wear-resistant, never harden, never deformation, and has the effect of eliminating mites and bacteria breeding, will not cause respiratory allergy, beneficial to skin health.

In the process of processing, the open cells of latex form naturally and quickly send out excess heat and moisture in the head and neck. Numerous small breathable rooms are connected to each other to ensure the air circulation inside and outside the pillow and maintain a good sleep environment.

Memory Foam Pillow

Latex pillow PK memory pillow

Latex pillow materials from rubber tree SAP, as a natural raw material; The main component of memory pillow is polyurethane, which is not a natural material.

Latex pillow elastic, not deformation and soft; Memory slow rebound, easy deformation and soft.

Latex pillow durability can reach more than 8 years, good stretch, not easy to tear; The memory pillow is prone to tear, and after 2-5 years, the sleeping position will have a sinking that cannot rebound.

Latex pillow four seasons touch the same, skin-friendly intimate effect; Memory cotton pillow is hard in winter, soft in summer.

Latex pillow because of its own oak protein can inhibit the growth of mites and various kinds of bacteria; And memory cotton pillow does not have this function.

High quality natural latex pillow can be completely washed without deformation, memory cotton pillow can not be washed.

The unique soft touch and high elasticity of latex pillow can follow the body contour, rely on the human spine, make the spine into the best line without any burden, can prevent and treat cervical spondylosis. Memory spongy pillow has the function of "retaining" human body concave and convex shape, but has no ability of "correcting" cervical vertebra "formation" deformity, which is of no benefit to the prevention and treatment of cervical vertebra disease;

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