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Latex pillow can make people feel peace of mind

Jul. 29, 2019Share

Latex pillow can make people secure shared the Latex Pillow supplier.

Light frankincense, as smooth as baby skin... It's the new latex pillow in pillows. Be right, new home is decorated one new, bedroom of deep red big bed is placed, remain, choose a pillow that lets a person sleep peacefully naturally.

Latex pillow, as a result of its natural environmental protection, anti mite anti bacterium, relaxed and comfortable, make it become many citizens scramble to buy the object. The reporter visits the market to discover recently, the selling price of latex pillow varies from 200 yuan to 1200 yuan, but the good and bad are intermingled of quality condition, let a person worry. Are latex pillows really that magical? How can I buy a good quality latex pillow?

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What is a latex pillow? In decorating the home, the choice that the bed tastes is a link that a lot of people value extremely. In a day, people has time of 1/3 almost to spend in morpheus, accordingly, conduce to morpheus is the standard that many consumer choose and buy bed tastes. And propaganda is having "awake head, protect a brain" the latex pillow of action, become the new favour of numerous consumer gradually. So, what is a latex pillow? It is understood that latex is a natural material, from the SAP of rubber tree, each rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex juice every day, so latex is quite precious. A latex product takes at least one to one and a half days to complete the production, is a very time-consuming and precious product. Latex pillow is made of rubber tree juice, 100% natural latex pillow, is its juice through the full physical process of processing. The main process can be divided into "collection mold baking water". Pure natural latex pillow, because of its use of rubber tree juice, naturally has the effect of preventing mites and bacteria. At the same time, the fragrance of the latex pillow makes many mosquitoes reluctant to go near it.

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