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Latex pillow

Jun. 27, 2019Share

Latex pillow

Latex pillow is made of the juice of rubber tree, can not achieve 100% pure latex made of latex pillow, the latex content of latex pillow on the market is only 80%-93%, because the pure latex can not achieve solidification and fluffy effect, need to add a safe material fermentation.

Introduction to the Latex pillow

The process is simple, can be divided into collection - mold - baking - water. Pure natural latex pillow, because of the SAP of rubber tree, natural has the effect of preventing mites and inhibiting bacteria. In 1929, scientist E.A. Murphy developed the world's first latex pillow in Birmingham, England. Latex pillow mainly includes Dunlop process and tralee production process. Due to their respective honeycomb porosity process, latex pillow is more breathable than other pillows. Latex is a very environmentally friendly material, medical gloves, condoms, astronaut outer space walking gloves are produced by its raw materials. People in Europe and the United States are very supportive of latex bedding, basically every 3 households in 1 will have a pure natural latex bedding.

Latex pillow

Advantages of the Latex pillow

1, the use of natural latex processing, no harm to the human body and side effects, natural materials have good antibacterial, anti-mite effect, providing a more healthy and clean sleep environment.

2, according to the ergonomic design, effectively improve the quality and effect of sleep.

3, has good moisture absorption and air permeability, especially for people who snore, can effectively reduce snoring.

4, has a good elasticity, can cushion the pressure of the human body, has a strong affinity.

5, high-tech formula, once molding, durable, never deformation.

6, Can effectively improve cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra and lower blood pressure.

7, Latex pillow can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between human body and fiber.

8, honeycomb structure can effectively and quickly distribute heat generated by the human body.

9, environmental protection, no pollution, non - toxic, anti - mite anti - bacterial, anti - allergy.

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