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Mattess manufacturer: the reason that mattess formaldehyde exceeds bid

Aug. 30, 2019Share

Mattess manufacturer: the reason that mattess formaldehyde exceeds bid.

Health, these two words, has been the topic of concern. And there are many factors that can affect health.

Today, Custom latex mattress Manufacturer will talk about one of them -- formaldehyde.

Now a lot of aspects will talk about the topic of formaldehyde exceeding standards, so what impact will formaldehyde exceed standards have on us?

Excessive inhalation of formaldehyde can lead to dizziness and even poisoning, but the most serious is that formaldehyde is a carcinogenic and malformation causing substance has been identified by the world health organization, is a recognized allergen, is also one of the potential mandatory mutants.

And decorate in common room, buy furniture, even a few textile products can have contain more or less formaldehyde. Mattess is one of them, but why can mattess have formaldehyde to exceed bid phenomenon, what reason place brings about? We Mattress Manufacturer will tell you.

Mattress Manufacturer

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In which link can mattress manufacturer cause mattress formaldehyde to exceed bid? Basically be because of the problem of raw material, below common circumstance, what it basically USES is cloth, sponge to matting makings, be in next use a few filler, such word, can make it appear formaldehyde exceeds bid phenomenon.

These fillings are made of discarded clothes, waste paper and lime boards. In order to make the material hard, black-core mattress manufacturers will add a lot of chemical materials, and these chemical components will slowly emit in the form of dust, directly endangering people's health.

And mattess and our body are direct contact, the effect of inferior mattess to us is not lost even at other board furniture. So when we are choosing mattess, must check mattess well first whether to have what problem, and can understand the mattess manufacturer that produces first. Or it is the Certified Spring Mattress that can choose us, we assure quality passes through, do not say 0 formaldehyde, but be under national standard far!

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