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Mattess manufacturer: what kind of the mattess that suits elderly?

Aug. 21, 2019Share

Mattess manufacturer: what kind of the mattess that suits elderly?

There are a variety of products in Spring Mattress Manufacturer, but for the elderly, which type of mattress should be more suitable? Today the manufacturer knows the knowledge that gives oneself place to say to everybody, specific come understanding!

For the elderly, for most people, or will choose a relatively hard mattress. Just because you think a soft bed is comfortable, don't buy a soft mattress for your parents or grandparents.

Because the lumbar spine function of the elderly has been degraded, sleeping on a soft bed will cause their spine not to be supported, leading to spine bone deformation. Occasionally, it is ok, but if the elderly sleep on a soft bed for a night, they will feel sore after waking up. It is best to be able to choose so moderate slant the mattess of a bit harder, can prop up vertebra already, won't too hard again. Because some elderly people may have osteoporosis, spine deformation, direct sleep too hard, will also lead to an increase in the burden of the spine.

The mattress manufacturer

China Natural latex Pocket Spring Mattress

China Natural latex Pocket Spring Mattress

What mattess just is the most appropriate old person sleeps after all that, that is palm mat, palm mat is the pronoun of hard mattess, but not so hard actually, we can choose palm of 3E environmental protection, this kind of palm mat is by high temperature hot pressing and become, pure and natural do not have formaldehyde. Soft hardness is moderate to slant hard, children and old people all suit this kind of palm mat very much.

Eco-friendly brown mattress is composed of curly coconut brown fiber arranged in three-dimensional mesh pattern, forming a silent natural plant "fiber spring". This kind of environmental protection brown mattress has good elasticity, better resilience, the human body curve can fit perfectly with the mattress, allowing the body to get completely relaxed. But environmental protection palm is opposite to mountain palm character, the flexibility of environmental protection palm is a little second to mountain palm again, but latter price also is more expensive, so to average family, environmental protection palm is best choice.

What say above whether did you know, when we are choosing mattess, it is not able to choose according to our be fond of, still want the demand according to old people and scientific proposal.

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