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The mattress manufacturer reminds you to change your mattress(part 3)

Apr. 28, 2019Share

6. Always feel the bed is not flat

Bonnell Spring Mattress manufacturer shares that lie on the bed roll, discover the body is apparent hollow go down, or always feel bed is not even, this illuminates mattess deadline already arrived. Such mattresses cannot balance the support of the body, so that the human spine deformation, especially the elderly will cause joint pain, children lead to bone deformation.

7. You can hear the obvious squeak when you move a little

A quiet night is especially sharp when you roll over to hear the creak of the bed announcement. The mattress declared that the squeaking was caused by damage to the springs, damage to the material and structure, and a failure to support the weight of the body. The mattress was no longer sustainable.

Above 7 big signal need to present 1 kind you can consider to change mattess only, if present 2 kinds of above to clarify mattess arrived to have to change cent. For oneself and the body health of family member, be inferior to choose a piece of good mattess to let a day more healthy.

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