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Teach You A Little Trick To Clean Children's Mattresses

Oct. 31, 2018Share

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the children's Natural latex Spring Mattress and suck all the dirty things that can be seen by the naked eye. Keep an eye out! To be as close to the outside of the mattress as this, you should pay more attention to the gaps in the grooves, and many dirty things are hidden outside.

Pocket Spring Mattress Factory inform us that it is usually necessary to take a single change every time you change sheets.

The dirty things visible to the naked eye are liquidated, and we are connected to dispose of liquid stains.

Stains are classified into protein stains, oil stains and tannic acid stains. Blood, sweat, and children's urine are all protein stains, while juice and tea are tannin stains.

In the liquidation of protein stains, you must use cold water, use the pressing method to suck out the stains, and then use a dry cloth to dry the dirty center.

Ginger can cause protein stains to collapse and collide in the process of rubbing with blood, as well as bleaching.

After the ginger is dripping, wipe it with a cold cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth or paper towel.

If it is an old blood stain, we need to change a vegetable - carrot! Add salt to the carrot juice first.

Then apply the adjusted juice to the old blood stains and wipe it with a cold cloth.

Hemoglobin in blood stains is a secondary coloring substance, while carrots contain a small amount of carotene, which can be neutralized with iron ions in blood stains, resulting in colorless substances.

Cleaning non-protein stains, experts also brought a stain remover. The hydrogen peroxide and detergent are distributed in a ratio of 2:1, and the stain remover is ready.

Drop a small drop on the stain on the mattress, then wipe it evenly and brush it quietly with a toothbrush.

Allow to stand for about 5 minutes, then clean with a cold damp cloth, and stubborn stains will be removed!

Since the mattress can't touch the water, after using the stain remover, you should force the mattress and blow it off with an electric fan. Make sure the mattress is dry before you can continue to use it.

Natural latex Spring Mattress

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