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Mountain palm mattress and latex mattress? (Which do you prefer?)

May. 09, 2019Share

Mountain palm mattress and latex mattress? Which do you prefer? Shared by Spring Mattress China For Sale.

1, material discrimination as we all know, the material of mountain palm mattress is selected from palm trees on the plateau at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, and then manually cut off the palm clothing of this kind of palm tree, which is the palm fiber of the brown mattress we see. After a series of processing procedures, the manufacturing of a brown mattress is completed. Natural latex mattresses are made from rubber tree SAP and molded by evaporation.

2,discriminant mountain brown mattress, texture and hardness relative to latex mattresses, mountain brown mattress hardness is much higher than the hardness of latex mattress, the hard mattress can maintain body ridge, most of the common diseases such as lumbago outstanding prevention and health care effect, can maintain the normal development of bones together, and appropriate use of children in old age and the development.

3, texture and hardness to determine the texture of Not Sink Latex Mattress is better, latex mattress is more lubrication, together with latex mattress elasticity is very good, not easy to deformation. Latex itself has a special fragrance that many mosquitoes are reluctant to breathe, anti-bacteria, anti-fraud, the molecular structure of latex is special, with outstanding comfort, and control bacteria and parasites of the long.


4, air permeability discrimination mountain palm mattress and latex mattress air permeability is good, the internal structure of the latex mattress has many small holes, can make the air in the mattress free flow, lax sleep in the skin and mattress touch the heat and sweat, adhere to sleep comfortable and dry; The palm fiber that hill palm mattess contains is more, ventilated and breathable, quiet and silent, stretch is durable changeless, agree with environmental protection requirement, place oneself among them kind of the feeling that is close to nature, body and mind can be loosened

5, defect discrimination: if palm fiber is not well treated in the processing and manufacturing of mountain palm mattress, it will be extremely simple to be affected by damp and mildew for a long time, and insects will also grow. Latex mattress is simple allergy, also simple oxidation. Secondly, the material of mountain palm gradually becomes sparse and is simply added with other defective fillings by undesirable merchants to make mountain palm mattress, which is harmful to human health.

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