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How To Remove The Taste Of The Mattress?

Jan. 03, 2019Share

1) Ventilation

Generally, the newly purchased Pocket Spring Mattress can be removed from the outer plastic protective film of the mattress and placed in the outdoor ventilation and odor. This method is suitable for the case where the mattress taste is not very pungent. In the manufacturing process of the mattress, the taste of the processing process is normal, and it only needs to be stored for about one month, and the taste will naturally disappear.

(2) Bamboo charcoal adsorption and taste

Many households choose bamboo charcoal to absorb formaldehyde and odor. Bamboo charcoal has a strong adsorption capacity and the function of radiating far infrared rays. It can absorb moisture, odor and harmful gases, and keep indoor air fresh and bed dry.

(3) Activated carbon adsorption and deodorization

It is also a more reliable method to place activated carbon indoors to absorb mattress odor and formaldehyde. The physical adsorption capacity of activated carbon is relatively strong, and after about one month, the odor of the Custom Size Spring Mattress will be reduced.

(4) Place green plants

Some green plants not only have a good decorative effect, but also can play the role of adsorbing formaldehyde, stupid and other harmful substances. This green plant is also a good way to absorb formaldehyde, which is economical.

Pocket Spring Mattress

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