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Spring Mattress - Separate Pocket Spring Mattress

Dec. 04, 2018Share

The independent Pocket Spring Mattress can fully support the whole body, so that each area of the body can reach the average of the force, basically keep the spine straight, care for the spine, and sleep for a long time. The independent bagged mattress can delay the spine aging 15%-20 % while enhancing spine flexibility. The following is a description of the various independent pocket-mounted mattress liners:

1, ordinary independent tube

The independent cylinder spring is packed into a bag by non-woven fabric or cotton cloth, and then adhered by glue or ultrasonic. The more the number of springs, the higher the spring body and the softer the degree, and the number of turns is 6 or 7 turns. The number of arrays of spring bodies is based on the inner diameter of the spring. The smaller the inner diameter, the more spring bodies are required and the mattress is harder. The independent tube mattress springs are not connected by wire loops, but are independent of each other. Even if the pillow side is turned sideways, it does not affect the sleep of another person. At the same time, it can withstand the pressure of every falling point on the body, so that the body does not Sore because of the vacancy, the so-called ergonomic advantages.

2, high support independent tube

The high-supporting independent cylinder is one of the types of independent cylinder mattresses. The process and arrangement are the same as those of the general Custom Pocket Spring Mattress, but the spring diameter of the spring is 2.3mm, and the number of springs is 660. It is the best choice for consumers who are accustomed to using hard beds, while maintaining a stable and not too soft sleep.

3, honeycomb type independent tube

The honeycomb type independent tube is a type of independent tube mattress. The material and the method are the same. Generally, the independent tubes are arranged in parallel. The honeycomb type independent tube is specially arranged in a staggered arrangement to reduce the gap between the springs and improve the support degree. The elastic function reduces the pulling force on the surface of the mattress again, and it can closely follow the curve of the human body, improving the flexibility and elasticity of the average pressure sharing and sleepiness.

Pocket Spring Mattress

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