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The Maintenance Skills Of Mattress

Dec. 07, 2018Share

First, the precautions before using the mattress

(1) The newly purchased Pocket Spring Mattress should first tear off the plastic protective film, put it in a dry and ventilated place to eliminate the smell of the mattress, and use the formaldehyde in the mattress. Remove the taste and do not let the new mattress be exposed to the sun and cause fading. .

(2) It is very troublesome to carry the mattress. When the new mattress is moved, the mattress should be protected from folding and bending, and it cannot be directly tied with the rope. This will cause the spring inside the mattress to be deformed. The best way is to use the mattress. Make a frame to protect the mattress outside the pad.

(3) When you are about to sleep on a new mattress, please put clean sheets on your mattress, which will help keep the main body of the mattress clean and convenient.

Second, the maintenance skills in the use of Custom Spring Mattress

(1) Many children like to use the mattress as a “boring machine”, and as a result, the mattress is quickly scrapped. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the local pressure on the mattress for a long time.

(2) If a spring mattress is used, the spring mattress will be flipped once in about three or four months, or the bed head and the tail of the bed will be reversed, so that the overall stress of the spring mattress is even; the edge of the mattress is the weakest support of the mattress. , sit as little as possible on the edge of the mattress to avoid damage to the edge guard spring.

(3) Although there are sheets to protect the mattress, occasionally the mattress should be cleaned and removed. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress. There are also many de-scissors on the Internet. You can start using it at home. Also note that It is not advisable to use a bed cover that is too tight. If the vent hole of the mattress is blocked, the air inside the mattress cannot circulate, and it is easy to breed germs.

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