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Choosing The Right Mattress Can Prevent Cervical Spondylosis

Dec. 26, 2018Share

Modern people work faster, the spirit is more tense, and the pressure on the spine is correspondingly increased. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is prone to lesions. To prevent lumbar disease, choosing the right Pocket Spring Mattress is the key. This kind of mattress can prevent lumbar disease, both soft and hard, and strong support performance is the key.

The human spine is generally a 'S'-type physiological curve. Only a mattress with a soft hardness can closely fit the body curve, provide sufficient support for the body, and relax the whole body. It is generally recommended that the combination of brown spring mattress, latex + brown + spring mattress, Natural latex Spring Mattress resilience and brown mattress match, comfort and support have been greatly exerted. Choose a specific method for the mattress:

(1) Try to sleep in your sleeping position when you are shopping. Lying flat on the mattress, feel the various parts of the body, especially the support and support of the back and waist.

(2) Lying on the side, also feel the support and support of the back and waist of the body. At the same time, the palm can be flattened and extended into the gap between the waist, buttocks and the bed surface. If it is difficult to insert it, the mattress is too soft; if it is stretchable, the mattress is too hard.

(3) Avoid choosing a soft mattress. The soft mattress has poor support for the body. Long-term use will also cause certain damage to the human spine. The human body lies on the mattress, the buttocks are completely sunken, the waist is also uncomfortable, and the side of the sleeping spine is obviously bent, which proves that the mattress is generally soft.

Pocket Spring Mattress

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