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Choosing The Right Mattress Is Very Important For Your Health

Dec. 28, 2018Share

Cervical spondylosis and high incidence of lumbar spondylosis

(1) Bad living habits: work long hours, sleep in bed, watch TV, read books, like high pillows, operate the computer for a long time, rotate the neck or head sharply, sleep on the moving car, these bad postures will The neck muscles are in a state of long-term fatigue and are prone to damage.

(2) Occupational diseases: long-term over-looking, overlooking or neck movements, neck compression is too heavy and no mitigation measures, resulting in the formation of occupational diseases in the neck lesions. For example, secretarial, computer, accounting, civil servants, electronics industry employees, teachers, etc., these are a group of people who sit still for a long time.

(3) Chronic trauma: regular physical exercise, sudden physical fatigue, long-term maintenance of a posture caused by traumatic cervical spine and other issues. Such as poor posture of sleep, improper posture of work, inappropriate physical exercise, etc.

(4) People are old and sick: the older the elderly, the more the problems of cervical lesions and degeneration are caused by the aging of bones, the passage of calcium and other factors.

For such high-risk conditions, Pocket Spring Mattress Supplier recommends that you develop good living habits to prevent lumbar disease; choose the right Custom Size Spring Mattress to relieve the pain in the waist. It is best to know more about mattress knowledge to avoid the mistake of entering the mattress.

Custom Size Spring Mattress

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