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How To Prevent Mattresses From Breeding Mites?

Jan. 07, 2019Share

The mattress is easy to breed mites. The most important thing is to find the source. The following are the internal and external conditions that make it easy for the mattress to grow. The Pocket Spring Mattress Supplier will analyze each situation in detail and hope to help your life. .

1. Bedroom environment

The bedroom environment is a place where the human body stays for a long time in the day, so it is also the place where the mites are most likely to breed. The mites are small and invisible to the naked eye, parasitic on the surface of the mattress, living through human dandruff, and having strong reproductive ability, easily causing the human body. Respiratory infections.

Because the bedroom is a relatively private space, the mattress is in a relatively dark environment for a long time. If the bedroom is not ventilated frequently, under the appropriate temperature and humidity, it is easy to make the mattress regain moisture, breed various bacteria and mildew spots, and then breed insects or body lice, which affects the sleep health of the human body.

2. Mattress material

Mattress material will become a breeding ground for insects, so the most prone to grow bugs is the mattress made of plant fiber, coir mattress, mountain brown mattress, hemp brown mattress, etc., followed by inferior filler.

3. Inferior filler

Inferior fillers refer to mattress interior fillers other than Pocket Spring Mattress, including sponges, memory foam, and mattress fabrics. Sponge and memory foam are all made of chemical raw materials in the industry. The sponge has soft texture and strong resilience. It is the most suitable material for making mattress fillers, but this material is not breathable, easy to absorb moisture and regain moisture, further promote the bed. The inside of the pad is moldy and breeds bacteria.

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