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The Plastic Film Of The New Mattress Must Be Torn Open

Jan. 23, 2019Share

The plastic film of the new mattress allows the mattress to be waterproof, moisture-proof, and to isolate dust and bacteria during storage. The mattress is honed during transportation, which can easily damage the fabric on the surface of the mattress and is also susceptible to dust. The mattress is very close to the furniture. The integrity and hygiene of the mattress are very important. Therefore, the Pocket Spring Mattress Supplier puts a thin plastic film on the mattress when the mattress is shipped.

Why do you want to tear open the plastic film of the new mattress?

 Some consumers directly put a new Pocket Spring Mattress that has not yet torn the plastic packaging film on the bed, and then use it on a single bed. In fact, this behavior is wrong.

(1) When the mattress is shipped from the factory, the manufacturer directly puts on the plastic packaging film. The new mattress plastic packaging film isolates the dust outside the mattress and also closes the inside of the mattress. The new mattress also has some smell, such as the smell of the mattress material is not released, if you do not tear the plastic film of the new mattress, these smells have been stuffed inside, directly affecting the life of the mattress.

(2) When people sleep on the bed, they will emit heat and sweat. These metabolisms should have penetrated into the mattress and then passed through the air outlet of the mattress to the air, but the new mattress is separated by a layer. The plastic packaging film affects the role of the mattress. Because it does not have breathability, the mattress will also make the sleeper feel stuffy and uncomfortable, which affects the quality of sleep.

(3) The new mattress is separated by a layer of plastic packaging film, even if it is covered with sheets or mattresses or simply sleeping directly on the mattress, because the plastic packaging film is separated, which greatly affects the sleep experience of the mattress.

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