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[Pocket Spring Mattress for sale]Mattresses can bring us more than health

May. 13, 2019Share

Mattresses can bring us more than health

Pocket Spring Mattress Supplier shares that assume that count coir mattress, coir mattress, especially mountain before in our country has a very long history, is China's traditional products, especially before and after the liberation, hand-woven mat once is good in the hand woven mattress products, until now woven mat also possess must store in our country, by local people love, of course, when the mat is still a brief processing products, after high temperature treatment, nor what spray adhesive technology, the assumption that poor maintenance can present insect phenomenon. The palm mat that says today is not manual do not have gummy palm mat, pass all sorts of craft however have gummy palm mat, it is the slant in bazaar high-grade mainstream product, about the gummy palm mat that a few friends hope to understand, introduce later.

Jane said all brown mattresses: all brown mattresses are palm mattresses, the first material is mountain palm silk and coconut silk, mountain palm silk is palm tree palm clothing (palm) fiber (color is dark brown); Shredded coconut is the fiber (light yellow) in the skin of the coconut.

Pocket Spring Mattress Supplier

Mountain palm, palm tree is called palm, belong to shrub plant, palm family. The palm tree is covered with layers of brown leaves. People cut the brown leaves off the palm trees one by one and dry them in the sun to make brown products such as mat, rope and coir raincoat. The dense arrangement of mountain palm fibers forms a palm leaf.

According to relevant records, the skin (palm slice), roots and seeds of mountain palm have the effects of hemostasis, lowering blood pressure and anti-tumor, and are used as anticancer drugs in traditional Chinese medicine. The fibers of mountain palm are thicker, longer, more durable and stronger. The softness of hill palm is more moderate, it is between hard board bed and spring mat, soft patience is particularly good. The name of the palm mattess on bazaar now a lot of, have hill palm, coconut palm, soft palm, hard palm is to have even call "careless palm".

That's all for the sharing,and if you have any demand for our products,welcome to purchase our Pocket Spring Mattress For Sale.

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