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What is the role of the small holes in the latex pillow?

Aug. 05, 2019Share

What is the role of the small holes in the latex pillow?

Everyone is familiar with latex pillows, but you wonder why I have so many little holes in my house, and what are they for? In order to help you dispel doubts, Latex mattress Supplier will give you some knowledge of the science of latex pillow hole, let us know the role of such a small hole. Latex pillow is made by the juice of rubber tree, can not do 100 percent pure latex made of latex pillow, the latex content of the latex pillow on the general market is only 80%-93%, because pure latex is unable to achieve solidification and fluffy effect, the need to add artificial fermentation of safety materials.

Whether on the Internet or in the mall, when you ask why latex pillows are made, the answer is "vents," but have you noticed? In fact, these holes are not completely transparent!

In fact, the holes were not really punched, and when the mold was developed, the holes were made on the mold. As soon as the foam pillow comes out, it creates rows of holes.

Latex material itself has good air permeability, does not need a large hole. In addition to helping the air penetrate, these holes allow for another, more important mission - the collapse of part of the pressure.

Let me explain in detail why we make holes in latex pillows. These holes are of no use at all.

latex pillow

Latex foam pillow

First look at the picture:

The ball on the top represents the head, and the ellipsoid on the bottom represents the pillow.

The pillow warped under pressure. All the restorative force we generate is the same as the rebound of the cervical spine, and the less elastic the pillow is against the head and neck during sleep, the better.

Latex material showed solid semi - open cell structure under microscope, which was different from memory cotton.

When extruded, the cells inside the latex material do not move, and through the deformation of this tiny cellular structure to achieve decompression. Royal taihe is made of pure natural latex, which has no harm or side effects to human body. Due to its pure natural material, royal taihe has good antibacterial and anti-mite effect, providing a healthier and cleaner sleep environment.

Cell deformation and decompression can produce stronger resilience than cell flow decompression, so how to further reduce the elasticity of latex has become the subject of pillow core research and development. The incomplete vent on the latex pillow is a two-in-one design. On the one hand, it plays the role of auxiliary ventilation and heat dissipation, on the other hand, it plays the role of segmental partial pressure. Not all design looks high-end, a seemingly ordinary design can also contain profound truth.

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