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How To Choose A Mattress Suitable For The Elderly?

Feb. 15, 2019Share

With the gradual formation of an aging society, more and more elderly people need comfortable and stable sleep. Then, how to choose the right mattress for the elderly and sleep well at night.

Refer to the following three points to make it easy for the elderly to choose the right mattress and enjoy life in their later years.

First, avoid soft mattresses

Due to the deterioration of the physical skills of the elderly, and the lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, low back pain, osteoporosis caused by early work environment or behavioral habits. If you sleep on a bed that is too soft, the weight of the human body will cause the bed to form a low middle and high surroundings, which will cause discomfort. It is also common to wake up with back pain.

The Spring Mattress , which is a bit harder, makes the elderly maintain the normal physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine while lying on the back. The lateral lying is to keep the lumbar vertebrae from bending, which will make the elderly sleep more comfortable.

Second, the mattress "zero" noise, sleep well

Many elderly people said that it is easy to be awakened by the "squeaky" sound produced by the spring inside the mattress. Once this happens, it is very difficult to get into sleep. The “zero” noise mattress performs better, and the independent Pocket Spring Mattress is one of them. The main supporting structure is a spring, and each spring is separately packaged by a non-woven fabric, and the independent work does not interfere with each other, and a latex mattress, a soundproof cotton and the like are used as a buffer to reduce the noise to a “zero” state.

Third, the mattress is breathable, clean and comfortable

The elderly often sleep very well and have fewer turns, so the breathability of the mattress must be good, in order to prevent the mattress from being wet due to sweat can not be discharged in time, resulting in eczema and other conditions. In addition, some elderly people's bed hygiene may not be cleaned frequently due to inconvenience, so the airtight mattress will aggravate the breeding of bacteria, causing certain damage to the elderly and affecting sleep.

Pocket Spring Mattress

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