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Industry People Teach You How To Choose A Spring Mattress

Mar. 30, 2019Share

We will analyze from a professional perspective: is it better to advertise more brands? What are the more professional brands? What should I pay attention to when buying a Spring Mattress? Because I have tested and contacted almost all the products of brands that can be called by their names in the market, I am quite familiar with various brands of mattresses. Next, I will talk about my own experience. First of all, I only talk about products today, because in the eyes of people in our industry, only product quality and workmanship, brand value is not considered.

                                                         Spring Mattress

Around a lot of friends will have such a question: why their home mattress more sleep more uncomfortable? Waking up with a sore back? If you feel that way, it's mostly because you don't have a good mattress. Since sleep is the only opportunity to relax the spine throughout the day, if you use a bad mattress, it is easy to cause more pressure on the spine. Especially in recent years in addition to the elderly, more and more young people because of sedentary desk, lack of exercise and other reasons, leading to serious lumbar cervical spine disease. The action of mattess cannot ignore to protecting vertebra absolutely, reasonable mattess can stick the curve of the body, let every place get support, reduce vertebral compression to the greatest extent.

Foam Mattress Supplier says :Professional mattress design should be based on medical research. It should be able to take human body structure as the starting point, data quantization and research results as the support, instead of focusing on comfort and softness. Accordingly, consider for our health, the professional mattess that suggests everybody to pay attention to protecting vertebra as far as possible choose and buy.

In terms of price, I think the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but the principle of getting what you pay for is still applicable. The price can tell you manufacturer to have cut corners to a certain extent, quality of one or two thousand mattresses believes also is not what everybody wants, after all the cost of material is placed in that. Have a few manufacturers, to reduce cost, the cushion layer that USES is not environmental protection material, have formaldehyde, polyethylene to wait for toxic and harmful material inside, still mix into talcum powder among them even in order to reduce cost, these have great harm to human body.

Individual proposal, also do not need to buy ten thousand yuan, the price is in 5000-8000 yuan of left and right sides professional mattess is a more reasonable choice, cost performance is higher.

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