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How To Choose A Mattress?

Nov. 06, 2018Share

Generally speaking, the first task of moving into a new home is to buy the right furniture. The bed is an important tool for our work. We must consider his comfort and safety. Among them, the mattress is the most important part of the bed. How to choose a good one? Mattresses are about our happy life, so how do you choose a good mattress?

First, we should choose a big brand when we choose a mattress, because the quality of the big brand is guaranteed first, there will be no shoddy, the inferior materials are used to make the mattress, and the big brands are from the raw materials and design of the mattress. Professional considerations.

Second, according to the smell and appearance of the mattress. Generally, the material of the mattress is cloth, latex and the like. These materials generally do not have a too pungent taste. If there is a noticeable taste, it should be noted that the manufacturer may use unqualified products, which has an impact on health. Moreover, in general, the quality mattress has a smooth surface with no obvious wrinkles and thread ends.

Third, according to the internal material of the mattress. If the mattress can be opened to see the internal materials, you can observe whether it is clean, see if there is mold, spring rust and so on. You can also check whether the supporting material is the same as the product introduction, to avoid being deceived.

Fourth, choose the right mattress according to your personal preference. Common mattress types are Latex Mattresses, palm mattresses and Spring Mattress. The latex mattress is soft and suitable for the elderly and children to sleep. Palm mattresses are harder and have a significant improvement in people with back pain. Spring mattresses are more common and are suitable for most people. However, it is also necessary to consider the design of the mattress according to your sleep posture, sleep time and convenience of movement, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a comfortable sleep.

Fifth, the breathability of the mattress. In general, wet places should choose a mattress with good air permeability. The mattress is not breathable, and it is easy to breed bacteria and mites. It has health effects on children and the elderly who have poor resistance.

Spring Mattress

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