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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Independent Spring Mattress

Dec. 14, 2018Share

Advantage 1: The inner spring of the independent Spring Mattress can be independently operated to support the force, and the zero-tone mode is turned on. The nighttime turning over will not interfere with the sleeping partner, ensuring comfortable comfort and sleep, which can effectively promote deep sleep and improve sleep quality.

Advantage 2: Independent spring mattresses are made of high-quality spring steel wire around the city "independent barrel shape", sealed in the fiber bag after compression process, can effectively avoid the noise caused by mold, insects and springs.

Advantage 3: Independent Pocket Spring Mattress can be divided into three zones, seven zones and nine zones according to ergonomics. The human body can be balanced and supported by the human body. It can flexibly flex and retract according to the human body fit curve, and can protect the ridge and keep the spine naturally. Straight posture, let the body muscles fully relax, relieve the body's pressure, reduce the number of turns in sleep, and create a good sleeping environment.

Disadvantage 1: The independent spring mattress needs to be flipped regularly. In order to ensure the balance of the force of each part of the mattress, the elasticity is good and the durability is durable. This is also its shortcoming. It requires manpower for long-term maintenance and brings unnecessary trouble to life. It is one of the reasons why modern young people are not keen on independent spring mattresses.

Disadvantage 2: Independent spring mattresses need to be cleaned regularly to avoid moisture and moisture, so as not to damage the mattress. Long-term humidity may affect the life and performance of the spring. This is also a place where the individual pocket springs are insufficient.

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