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How To Choose a Kind Of Suitable Spring Mattress

Jan. 18, 2019Share

How to choose a satisfied product? The spring mattress manufacturer offers several suggestions.

1. Before buying a spring mattress, should you understand whether the main structure of the mattress is ergonomic? Can you maintain the most comfortable state?

2. Test the elastic hardness of the mattress before purchasing the spring mattress. Since the human spine is not in a straight line but a shallow S shape, proper hardness support is required.

3. Consider the size of the mattress. When you purchase a Custom Pocket Spring Mattress, you can add 20 cm to the most appropriate size. In addition to the space where the pillows and hands and feet are reserved, the pressure on sleep can be reduced.

4.According to personal sleep habits to buy spring mattresses. Because each person has different soft and hard elasticity requirements for the mattress, the spring mattress should be familiar with the usual personal sleep habits before purchasing.

5. Spring mattress purchase should choose a well-known brand that is trustworthy and has good after-sales service.

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