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How About The Haima Mattress?

Jan. 26, 2019Share

Introduction of Haima Mattress

Haima mattress is a product of Haima Group. Haima Group started to establish its brand "Haima Brand" in 1987. Haima Brand is a well-known brand. Its Haima mattress has the highest market share in Hong Kong for 26 consecutive years with its noble quality. Seahorse mattresses, pillows and other products are used in five-star hotels, public institutions, hospitals, government, university dormitories and other places. It is enough to prove that Haima brand products can achieve extraordinary quality, and the image of high quality and professional has been recognized by all sectors of society.

Characteristics of Hippocampal Mattress

After years of continuous research and development and innovation, we can see from the shape of the Haima mattress that its products are simple and generous, fashionable and modern, and meet the aesthetic standards of modern people; the material selection of the Haima Spring Mattress is also excellence, material conforms to national safety standards, the internal design of the mattress is based on ergonomic principles, the biggest feature of the Haima mattress is its exclusive sponge foaming technology formula. The product is comfortable and durable. It also has the functions of anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, anti-mite and fire resistance. With reasonable price and excellent quality, it is recognized and loved by consumers.

Haima mattress products

There are many kinds of mattresses produced by Haima mattress, including spring mattress, Latex Mattress, coconut palm mattress and other mainstream mattresses. Haima spring mattress uses high carbon manganese steel independent bag spring, which provides strong support for all parts of the human body. The material of Haima latex mattress is imported from Thailand, the interior design of the mattress is scientific and reasonable, and the human pressure is effectively dispersed. Coconut palm mattress mostly uses natural coconut. Brown Vitamin, its material is environmentally friendly and healthy. Hippocampus mattress official website divides its products into positive and negative soft and hard dual-purpose design, hard mattress, soft and hard moderate mattress, three fold mattress, its product humanization, can meet the needs of different groups.

Spring Mattress

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