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How To Choose Spring Mattress?

Oct. 23, 2018Share

There are many kinds of mattresses on the market. Spring Mattress is still the first choice for many people. So how to choose spring mattress? Now Pocket Spring Mattress Factory would like to introduce some simple methods for you.

1. Filler: If you can open the mattress, pay attention to check whether the filler inside is inferior cotton wool or other materials.

2. Fabric: The first impression of buying mattress is fabric, high-quality fabric quilting tightness consistent, no obvious wrinkles, no floats, jumpers; sewing edges, four corners arc symmetrical, no hair edge phenomenon, straight floss. When you press the mattress with your hands, there is no friction inside, and the feel is comfortable and comfortable. Poor mattress fabrics often quilted loosely inconsistent, there are floating line, jumping line, sewing edge, four corners arc less symmetrical, uneven floss.

3. Springs: The number of springs used in spring mattress and the diameter of steel wire determine the soft, hard and moderate spring mattress. If you press the mattress with your hands, if there is a noise, it means that the quality of the spring is defective. If you can open the mattress, see the filler inside, pay attention to whether the spring inside has been rust-proof treatment, if rust, that mattress is not qualified.

4, when buying, do not only use the hand to local pressure, but also lie on the top, side, feel the hardness and comfort of the mattress.

Spring Mattress

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