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Five Categories Of Springs In Spring Mattresses

Feb. 18, 2019Share

The core of the Spring Mattress is composed of springs, so the quality of the spring mattress is directly related to the spring wire of the mattress. Today, the spring wire manufacturer introduces several classifications of the mattress spring for you to choose. I can make a difference.

1. Independent spring: This kind of spring has good support performance, can balance the force, suitable for ergonomic design, and the resilience performance is relatively good.

2, the opening spring: the appearance and the spring are very similar, the difference is that the end face is not knotted, the elastic sensitivity is high, and the suspension support effect can better eliminate the human body pressure and improve the comfort.

3. Wire spring: It is made up of a continuous steel wire. It has more stress points and the best balance. It can make appropriate elasticity according to body weight and body shape, and support the body smoothly and evenly.

4, double-layer spring: respectively consists of two layers of springs, two-layer springs can share the weight of the human body, so that the force is more balanced, can provide more support and comfort. The spring does not fall and the service life is longer. 

5, independent pocket spring: This Pocket Spring Mattress that a single spring is independently loaded into a special bag. This type of spring is characterized by a point-like telescopic type, that is, it is independent of other springs, can be independently supported, and can effectively fit the human body curve. With regard to the force, it is possible to disperse the pressure and extend the life of the spring, which is one of the several specifications of a good mattress.

These are the five types of springs that can be used with spring mattresses. After understanding the five springs, you can choose the right spring mattress as needed.

Pocket Spring Mattress

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