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How to Deal With the Collapse of the Spring Mattress?

Jun. 20, 2019Share

In daily life, many people use Soft Comfort Spring Mattress, and spring mattresses have been accepted and widely used by everyone! However, if the spring mattress is not used properly, there will be collapse. Then, we will analyze the treatment of the collapse of the spring mattress.

Pocket Spring Mattress HM-PS11

Pocket Spring Mattress HM-PS11

In order to prevent the left side of the spring mattress from collapsing, we should pay attention to the use and maintenance of the mattress. In daily life, sit on the edge of the mattress as much as possible and sleep on the edge of the mattress. Let Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer gives you a brief introduction to the four-step mattress maintenance technique.

(1) I was very fond of playing “trailer” when I was a child. I was curious when buying a soft mattress for the first time in my family. I jumped on the bed many times. I didn’t jump enough. I called my friends to jump together. 2,000 yuan’s mattress is scrapped in one year. This tells us everyone must avoid the long-term stress on the mattress.

(2) The younger brothers and sisters who are in the countryside come to the city, and the mattresses in the house are often not used for half a year, so they are placed in the room, which is easy to get dust and bacteria, and it will get wet when it hits the wet day. Therefore, it is best to use a plastic packaging film to seal the mattress when not using the mattress for a long time. 

(3) Although there are sheets to protect the mattress, occasionally the mattress should be cleaned and removed. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress. Also it is not advisable to use a bed cover that is too tight. If the vent hole of the mattress is blocked, the air inside the mattress cannot be circulated, and it is easy to breed germs.

(4) If a spring mattress is used, the spring mattress will be flipped once in about three or four months, or the bed head and the tail of the bed will be reversed, so that the overall stress of the spring mattress is even; the edge of the mattress is the weakest support of the mattress, sit as little as possible on the edge of the mattress to avoid damage to the edge guard spring.

In order to avoid more collapse of the spring mattress, everyone should pay attention to the selection of good quality mattresses, avoid inferior mattresses. And also you need to maintain the mattress from time to time to make the mattress last longer and better for our good sleep and rest. If you are interested in any mattress, please follow us, who sells All Sizes Spring Mattress and will supply you good service and good product.

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