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Why are latex mattresses more expensive than other mattresses?

Oct. 10, 2019Share

Latex mattress are different from the traditional Mattress, real Latex mattresses of rubber tree juice, collected from rubber trees, by the exquisite technology, combined with modern high-tech equipment and a variety of patent technology is made and be become, produce products with optimal benign is fit the modernization of human body healthy sleep quality green products. A lot of people ask why latex mattresses are so much more expensive than other materials? So the latex mattress supplier takes a look at why it's expensive.

First, pure natural latex is obtained from the latex of rubber trees and is rich in elastin. Before the latex solidifies, it is appropriately added with air and vulcanized to become foamy, with high tension and excellent elasticity. Latex cleaning is not easy and should not be exposed directly. If it is exposed to sunlight, it is prone to yellowing and hardening.

Advantages of natural latex

Cooling and venting: The natural latex is porous, and the air bubbles are filled with air at any time. It can dissipate excess heat and moisture during sleep, keep the body fresh and the sleep quality is naturally good.

Good elasticity: The latex is made of natural foam, and the porous structure makes the bubbles filled with air at any time, so the elasticity is excellent.

Good support performance: It consists of millions of bubble bodies, which can absorb the average force, so it can dissipate the pressure of the body, especially the neck, waist and hips.

Comfort: With the increase or decrease of temperature, the softness and hardness of the mattress can be adjusted in time, and the best support effect can be achieved during sleep to reduce the body pressure.

Quiet and quiet: the unique porous spacing independent support design absorbs the noise and vibration caused by sleep flipping, so that sleep is not disturbed.

High durability: Because latex is a natural oak that is made by fine foaming, the not sagging latex mattress is not easily elastic or deformed, and can be used for up to 10 to 15 years.

Safe and non-toxic: no toxic gases will be produced when exposed to heat.

Natural and environmental protection: 100% natural latex, with comfortable and natural mild characteristics, no allergies to contact with the skin, no pungent plastic taste. Latex is taken from natural plants. After several years or exposure to sunlight for 4-6 months, it can be automatically decomposed and returned to nature, fully complying with international environmental protection standards.

Now everyone should know why latex mattresses are more expensive than mattresses of other materials. After all, the benefits are still many, in line with the needs of the current crowd.

Why are latex mattresses more expensive than other mattresses?cid=96

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress quality discrimination

1, look

The surface of a good latex mattress is matt and will not be very bright. Since the latex mattress is produced under sealed conditions and is not exposed to oxygen, the mattress will retain tens of thousands of pores after molding. Increased the breathability of latex mattresses.

2, smell

The natural latex mattress smells a faint scent, and when you buy it for a week or so, the taste will naturally evaporate. The mattress made of synthetic latex with poor quality smells a pungent chemical smell. Some manufacturers add fragrance to the process to cover up the chemical smell, but they can still be discerned by careful smelling.

3, touch

The natural latex mattress feels a bit rough but soft. Because natural latex is made of rubber tree juice, it has a large number of pores, which are more breathable and elastic.

4, lying

You can feel it on your latex mattress and the latex mattress fits the human body curve. After sleeping, the gaps in the waist, neck, calf and other parts will be well supported and will not be suspended. And very flexible, and spring mattresses, sponge mattresses will be significantly different.

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