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 Plush Pillow Top - Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress - Visco Foam Certified

Plush Pillow Top - Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress - Visco Foam Certified

Thickness :11"29
Firmness level:Plush 
Model No.:HM-PM06

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Product Details

Mattress Properties

Mattress Type TopPillow Top
Total Height11inch/29cm
Ticking FabricMicro-fiber Quilted Knitting Cover
Plush Comfort LayerHigh density foam for extra comfort support
Cooling gel infused memory foam for coolness lasting
Support System LayerIndividual Pocket Spring  for excellent Support.20CM height,2.0mm/1.8mm wire gauge
PackingVacuum Compress+Rolled up
The Structure Can Be Customized!

Product Description

This mattress is made from gel particles and visco foam, increasing airflow and reducing the heat of the mattress. With gel, it comprises of Memory Foam which molds to the body's shape for a comfortable night’s sleep. All the five major factors essential for a good mattress are present in this mattress.First is Durability – higher foam density implies a longer lifetime.Second is Support – firmer the base foam, better is support to the spine. Third is Temperature – bigger the cell size of the foam, better is the air flow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.Fourth is Comfort – the lesser the mattress pushes you up when you lie down, better is the comfort going to be. Fifth is coolness of the mattress due to the visco gel. All of our R&D has been focused on excelling across these parameters.

Mattress Highlights


10 Years Warranty

Our mattress is built to last. We back it up with an honest, 10-year limited warranty.


Fire retardant: CFR1633/ BS7177

Integrated quality management system to ensure the quality of our products.


CertiPUR-US certified eco-friendly foam

The CertiPUR-US certification means this mattress is safe for use & does not include: prohibited phthalates, ozone depletes, CFCs, mercury, formaldehyde, PBDEs, high VOCs, synthetic or natural latex. Furthermore, it is also hypoallergenic & helps keep other allergens from becoming an issue.

Crafted From Finest Materials

We use the premium materials to produce the quality mattress.


Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam

It keeps your mattress cool, provides a comfortable surface to sleep on and relieves pressure. The mattress is environmental friendly and is suitable for all age types


Supreme Memory Foam

Provides pain-free and restful sleep. It eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points on the body enhancing your comfort.


Premium Kintted Fabric

Soft and  breathable knitted cover of stretch fabric on topside improves the breathability, brings the protection for mattress. 

Ultimate Comfort Level 

We understand that one firmness level does not work for every customer.

People who sleep in different positions can have vastly different mattress preferences.

We offer a simple choice of three different options to accommodate all sleeping styles and preferences.

Our soft mattress is ideal for side sleepers. Side sleepers generally prefer mattresses that are soft enough to allow their shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress. Softness on the mattress surface helps to reduce pressure points and maintain proper spine alignment.
Our medium firmness is perfect for back sleepers and side sleepers who want a slightly firmer, more supportive mattress. The medium is our most popular mattress firmness. It works great for couples with different sleep styles.
Our firm mattress is great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who prefer sleeping on a firm surface. It feels very supportive and strong but has just enough give to help alleviate pressure points.

Our Advantages


Care Instructions


Rotate the mattress by changing the head and tail position. Change the sides every 3 months to enhance comfort and life of the mattress.

Always keep your mattress clean, Covered and dust free.

In case children use this mattress, we recommend you to use the springfit protector cover.

Use a bed of matching size for your valuable mattress. An over sized or under sized bed might lead to mattress damage and sagging. We do not take any guarantee / warranty if the size of the bed is improper.

While shifting your mattress location, carry it flat on its side in order to avoid mishandling which may lead to damages.

Give your mattress a little time to 'air' after removal from its enclosed packaging.


Do not fold or bend your mattress in any condition as it may get damaged.

Do not expose your mattress to any kind of heat, direct sun or flames. The mattress is not fire or flame resistant and can catch fire.

Do not place any heavy objects on the mattress and do not ever jump or stand on it as the springs might lead to compression and get damaged.

Do not use any detergent powder or any dry cleaning fluid to remove stains. Use dry cloth first and then dampened cloth to remove stains.

Do not drop any water and other liquids on the mattress.

Do not use handles for carrying / lifting the mattress, as they are meant only to position the mattress on bed base.

Mattress Measuring Guide


Step 1:

Remove all mattress covering, pillow and other mattress toppers from the mattress before taking the measurement.

Step 2:

For length, measure from top to bottom, whereas for width, measure from one side to the other of the mattress.

Step 3:

Make sure all the measurements are taken in inches.

Products Name: Plush Pillow Top - Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress - Visco Foam Certified

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